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Happy birthday! ahikynicygox.tk has birthday horoscopes for all days of the year. Watch the budget and don't let December turn into an expensive month.

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Gemini are in love with love, and they adore the ritual of it all, from those "do they like me? Gemini loves dating, and the world loves Gemini. But a Gemini will eventually settle down, because this sign is incredibly loyal and steadfast once they've chosen a partner. Let's be clear, though: Steadfast isn't a code word for boring.

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Gemini always love to keep things fresh and are happy to try almost anything in the bedroom. They're proud of their sexuality and depend on frequent physical check-ins to keep them grounded in their body. To them, sex is a celebration of life, and Gemini loves both sex and life. Despite their unfair rep for being two-faced, once a Gemini is in your life, they're loyal for life—but they aren't afraid to voice their opinion if they feel you're doing something they disagree with or if they perceive you as not being loyal to them.

Always a sign to see all sides of the situation, Gemini may seek input from friends before going to the root of the problem.

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It's not gossiping—it's gathering information. And even though Gemini is easily the life of the party without trying, the Twins also have a deep emotional side that needs care and feeding. Gemini like time by themselves to read, create, daydream, and come up with other ways of sharing their gifts with the world. When a Gemini can truly tap in and share their gifts, they're an unstoppable force of energy that can motivate, inspire, and enchant the rest of the Zodiac.

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Gemini are amazing! Their name says it all: G for generous E for emotionally in tune M for motivated I for imaginative N for nice I for intelligent. Equipped with almost uncanny emotional intelligence, Gemini can easily read a room and know exactly what other people want to hear from them. They can easily shift their personality depending on mood, going from Friday night life of the party to Monday morning office superstar.

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Those born in there Gemini horoscope should spend time this month weighing the pros and cons of your next moves before committing anything. You will have plenty of opportunity this month to make things official from August 11, when gas giant Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in your opposite sign of Sagittarius.

Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunity, has been soaring through your seventh house of committed relationships since November last year, making its once-everyyears visit until December.

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Some Geminis will outgrow longtime partners while others take the leap into more permanent arrangements this August. Jupiter slowed for its annual four-month retrograde earlier this year, offering those born in the Gemini horoscope a chance to reflect or correct course with an important person.

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With Jupiter travelling in and out of a Square aspect to Neptune in your career sector all year, professional demands may have cut into quality time with a loved one. Even as a promising collaboration moves forward, you may have to deal with all-consuming demands from work or a feeling of being dominated by too much structure you wish to escape. As Jupiter turns direct on August 11, the planet Uranus will start a five-month retrograde through Taurus and your healing, introspective twelfth house.

Uranus is the planet of surprises and while it retrogrades, your emotions could suddenly grow before you can control them.

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You may feel wildly out of your comfort zone at moments, and learning the art of surrender will be an important lesson. Uranus is in Taurus until April , and as the planet of liberation, the planet puts you in touch with your truth. As Uranus travels through your mystical twelfth house, prepare for an interior revolution involving an emotional or creative awakening.